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Watch Camelot Online, Camelot Download, Camelot Full Movie Online, Camelot is a 1967 American musical comedy-drama film directed by Joshua Logan and starring Richard Harris as King Arthur, Vanessa Redgrave as Guenevere, and Franco Nero as Lancelot. The film is an adaptation of the musical by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. Lerner also wrote the screenplay.


  • King Arthur is preparing for a great battle against his friend, Sir Lancelot, a battle he does not wish to fight but has been forced into. 
  • Arthur reflects on the sad circumstances which have led him to this situation and asks his childhood mentor, Merlyn, for advice. Merlyn appears to him and tells Arthur to think back.
  • Arthur thinks back to the night of his marriage to his now-estranged wife, Guenevere. It is an arranged marriage, and he has never met her before. 
  • He is understandably afraid of what lies ahead. His solitude is broken by Guenevere, who has fled from her entourage and enters the same woods that he has taken refuge in. 
  • Guenevere is also worried about marrying a man she has never met, and longs for the romantic life of a fought-over maiden. 
  • Overhearing Guenevere and realizing who she is, Arthur accidentally falls out of the tree in which he is hiding. 
  • He and Guenevere converse, and as she does not know his true identity, she fantasizes about traveling with him and escaping before his "wretched king" finds her. 
  • Arthur tells her what a wonderful place his kingdom is. She finds herself drawn to him, but they are interrupted by his men and her entourage. 
  • Arthur's identity is revealed, and Guenevere gladly goes with him to be married. The plot shifts to four years later. 
  • Arthur dreams up and explores with Guenevere his idea for a "Round Table" that would seat all the noble knights of the realm, reflecting not only a crude type of democratic ideal, but also the political unification of England. 
  • Knights are shown gathering from all over England. Eventually, word of Arthur's Round Table spreads to France. 
  • Inspired by Arthur's ideas, the French Knight Lancelot makes his way to England with his squire Dap, boasting of his superior virtues. 
  • Lancelot's prowess impresses Arthur, and they become friends; however, many of the knights instantly despise Lancelot for his self-righteousness and boasting manner.
  • Guenevere, who initially dislikes Lancelot, incites three of the best knights – Sir Lionel, Sir Sagramore, and Sir Dinadan – to challenge him to a joust. 
  • Arthur ponders this discord and how distant Guenevere has become recently. However, Guenevere's plan goes awry as Lancelot easily defeats all three, critically wounding Sir Dinadan. 
  • A horrified Lancelot pleads for Sir Dinadan to live, and as he lays hands on him, Dinadan miraculously recovers. 
  • Guenevere is so overwhelmed and humbled that her feelings for Lancelot begin to change. Despite his vows of celibacy, Lancelot falls in love with Guenevere, leading to the famous love triangle involving Arthur, Guenevere, and Lancelot. 
  • The other knights are aware of the clandestine meetings between Lancelot and Guenevere. They accuse Lancelot repeatedly, and several knights are banished after losing their armed challenges.
  • Guinevere and Lancelot meet in secret to discuss the latest accusation, the knight's banishment, and their future. 
  • Guenevere does not believe Arthur knows yet, but Lancelot tells her that he does, which causes her much guilt and anguish. 
  • Lancelot vows that he should leave and never come back, but finds it impossible to consider leaving Guenevere.
  • Arthur knows something is going on between Lancelot and Guenevere, but he cannot bring himself to accuse them because he loves them both. 
  • He decides to rise above the scandal and ignore it. However, Mordred, Arthur's illegitimate son from an affair with the Princess Morgause before he was crowned, arrives at Camelot bitter because Arthur will not recognize him as son and heir. 
  • Mordred is determined to bring down the fellowship of the Round Table by stirring up trouble. All this takes its toll on Arthur's disposition, and Guenevere tries to cheer him up despite her conflicted emotions.
  • Mordred cunningly convinces Arthur to stay out hunting all night as a test, knowing that Lancelot will visit Guenevere in her bedchamber. 
  • Everything happens as Mordred expected, except that Lancelot and Guenevere had intended to make this visit the last time they will see each other. 
  • They sing of their forbidden love and how wrong it has all gone. But Mordred and several knights are waiting behind the curtains, and they catch the lovers together. 
  • Lancelot escapes, but Guenevere is arrested and sentenced to die by burning at the stake, thanks to Arthur's new civil court and trial by jury. 
  • Arthur, who has promoted the rule of law throughout the story, is now bound by his own law and cannot spare Guenevere. 
  • "Kill the Queen or kill the law," says Mordred. Preparations are made for Guenevere's burning, but Lancelot rescues her at the last minute, much to Arthur's relief. However, many knights are killed, and the knights demand vengeance.

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