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Quo Vadis is a 1951 American epic film made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in Technicolor. It was directed by Mervyn LeRoy and produced by Sam Zimbalist, from a screenplay by John Lee Mahin, S.N. Behrman and Sonya Levien, adapted from the novel Quo Vadis by the Polish Nobel Laureate author Henryk Sienkiewicz. The score is by Miklós Rózsa and the cinematography by Robert Surtees and William V. Skall. The title refers to an incident in the apocryphal Acts of Peter.


  • The story, set in ancient Rome during the final years of Emperor Nero's reign, 64–68 AD, combines both historical and fictional events and characters and compresses the key events of that period into the space of only a few weeks.
  • Its main theme is the Roman Empire’s conflict with Christianity and persecution of Christians in the final years of the Julio-Claudian line.
  • Unlike his illustrious and powerful predecessor, Emperor Claudius, Nero proved corrupt and destructive, and his actions eventually threatened to destroy Rome's previously peaceful social order.
  • Marcus Vinicius is a Roman military commander and the legate of the XIV Gemina. Returning from wars in Britain and Gaul, he falls in love with Lygia, a devout Christian, and as a result, he finds himself increasingly drawn to her religion.
  • Though she grew up as the foster daughter of Aulus Plautius, a retired Roman general, Lygia is legally a hostage of Rome.
  • Petronius, Marcus' uncle, persuades Nero to give her to his nephew as a reward for his services. Lygia resents this arrangement, but cannot resist falling in love with Marcus.
  • Screenshot of Deborah Kerr from the trailer for the film Quo Vadis. Meanwhile, Nero's atrocities become increasingly outrageous and his behavior more irrational.
  • After Nero burns Rome and blames the Christians, Marcus sets out to rescue Lygia and her family. Nero arrests them, along with all the other Christians, and condemns them to be slaughtered in his Circus: some are killed by lions. Petronius, Nero's most trusted advisor, warns him that the Christians will be celebrated as martyrs, but he cannot change the emperor's mind.
  • Then, tired of Nero's insanity and suspecting that he may be about to turn on him too, Petronius composes a letter to Nero expressing his derision for the emperor and commits suicide by severing an artery in his wrist. The Christian apostle Peter has also been arrested after returning to Rome in response to a sign from the Lord, and he marries Marcus and Lygia in the Circus prisons.
  • Peter is later crucified upside-down, a form of execution conceived by Nero's Praetorian Guard as an expression of mockery.
  • Screenshot of Leo Genn from the trailer for the film Quo Vadis. Poppaea, Nero's wife, who lusts after Marcus, devises diabolical revenge for his rejection of her.
  • Lygia is tied to a stake in the Circus and a wild bull is released into the arena. Lygia's bodyguard Ursus must attempt to kill the bull with his bare hands to save Lygia from being gored to death.
  • Marcus is taken to the emperor's box and forced to watch, to the outrage of his officers, who are among the spectators.
  • But Ursus is able to topple the bull and break its neck. Massively impressed by Ursus's victory, the crowd exhorts Nero to spare the couple.
  • He refuses to do so, even after four of his courtiers, Seneca, architect Phaon, poet Lucan, and musician Terpnos add their endorsement of the mob's demands by putting their thumbs up as well.
  • Marcus then breaks free of his bonds, leaps into the arena, and frees Lygia with the help of the loyal troops from his own legion. 
  • Marcus accuses Nero of burning Rome and announces that General Galba is at that moment marching on the city, intent on replacing Nero, and hails him as new Emperor of Rome.

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